Shit! Josh, sweetie, you need to calm

The window looked to be some old chilies that had long since lost their fiery color, and had turned to a sun-worn brown. As he continued to survey the yard, he saw a fence in dire need of repair, and a--red. Red and white... of pain. Blood and bone. Emotion like blades sliced inside of his head. Fear. Bile rose up into his mouth, and he spat it into the sink before it covered the already stained counters. The metal sink echoed the sound throughout the kitchen. Anxious to buy twitter followers rid his mouth of the taste of vomit, he lifted the lever for water, only to be met with the tell-tale whine of a faucet that refused to work. Swallowing the leftover bit of acidic fluid, Josh hardened his walls before he forced his eyes to the backyard again. That had never happened with Stephen. Always, his trips to his old middle-school were more playful than anything else. Sure the lines were a trap, but Josh had never felt like his life was ever in any real danger. Not this. This was the difference between movie violence, and seeing it happen in front of you. Josh's grip tightened on the edge of the sink. The house no longer piqued his interest. This wasn't a game. Still, he couldn't stop his curiosity. The same thing that made him go back to Stephen over the years, now encouraged him to steal another glance out of the window. A dilapidated shed made out of wood that had long since turned gray sat at the end of the backyard and screamed at buy twitter followers him so loud that it threatened to shatter his reinforced barrier. Residual misery lay trapped in buy twitter followers the invisible boundaries of that small area. Memories swirled from there like a vortex, and just the light brushing that Josh gleaned was enough to churn his stomach and threaten a full vomiting. Hey everyone! Check this out! Kevin screamed from down the hall. Josh jumped at the sound, his hand knocking the underside of the kitchen faucet so hard that it dug out a piece of skin. Wincing, he brought his finger to his mouth to clean the blood and keep it from dripping. Secretly, he was grateful for the accident; the pain helped bring his senses back to the present and the taste of the blood was better than twitter stomach acid. Leaving through the other end of the kitchen, it linked with the hallway and he found his brother in one of the bedrooms. Those same beige walls buy twitter followers greeted him along with the old blue carpet. The window was across from the door, and the closet set into the right wall just next to it. His brother stood at a spot of floor dead in front of the closet, looking through some papers. What you got there? Josh asked, uninterested. twitter His mind still lingered on the shed outside. I dunno, looks like Spanish homework. You called us all over for some Spanish homework? Psh, no. Kevin set the papers inside the closet on a cheap plastic-coated wire shelf meant for shoes; in all likelihood where he had found google them in the first place. The floor sinks right here, it's crazy, he cackled before starting to bounce in the spot. Josh's breath caught in his chest. There it was; something unidentifiable in the closet. Josh didn't know how he'd missed it, but it stared at him now. A terrible buy twitter followers mass of violence hunkered in the confining space like an elephant shoved in a thimble, and it made Josh's throat close. He didn't even realize he had